Postural Correction Training

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Postural Correction Training is a very unique method of programme design. By analysing an individuals strengths and weaknesses throughout the kinetic chain of the body, a specific and tailored programme can be administered to an individual.

A Postural Correction Training programme will consist of exercises that are functional by nature (include movements through the 3 planes of movement), specific to enhancing the weaknesses of the body eg. The core and also harness on strength and conditioning of the weaker muscle groups. A huge part of a Postural Correction programme is flexibility. By using PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretches, this allows the muscles to stretch under its own contraction, thus giving the specific muscle group a very deep and thorough stretch.

Everybody has deficiencies in their posture but some people are more prone than others eg. People who spend long periods of time working at a desk will increase the likelihood of having problems related to their neck and shoulders (Rotations & Protraction). Athletes will have postural imbalances dependent on their chosen sport and the nature of that sport eg. Rugby players, Tennis players. If an athlete uses one side of his/her body more than the other, imbalances will be created throughout the body as a whole.

It is vital to identify and correct postural imbalances/strengths and weaknesses to enable the body to perform everyday tasks on an equalised basis. Imbalances through the posture, especially for sports performers will lead to: decreased performance, injury, slower recovery time from an injury and strength/power deficiencies.

A Postural Programme is designed by using the following method:

Postural Assessment – This is an assessment, which analyses the posture anteriorly (Front on), Posteriorly (From the rear) and side on. The assessment always starts from the ankles and works upward analysing and assessing all the major joints.

Flexibility Assessment- a thorough flexibility assessment is conducted after a 10-minute warm-up. The flexibility assessment is conducted in the same manner, starting from the ankles and working upwards assessing every major muscle group. There will be a varying difference in the level of flexibility of the right and left side of the body, depending which side dominant the individual is.

Functional Movement Screen - This is a series of exercises that will be performed and scored from a range of 0-3. The exercises performed will be scored on how well the individual can perform the set exercise, eg. Lunge, Overhead Squat by using strict control, technique and tempo. Included in these tests are core and abdominal exercises.

Once all the information has been gathered from the Postural Assessment, myself, the trainer can analyse the data and design a specific postural correction programme, which will focus on weaknesses, imbalances and flexibility deficiencies.

This programme will be unique and solely designed for your individual body type. No postural programme is ever the same.

This method of training is superb and has been used by many of my top clients. I train a wide variety of individuals, many of whom are International athletes. By using a postural training programme, I have helped athletes from various sports correct, strengthen and improve on their individual athletic performance.